10th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy

Congratulations to our 14 prize winners

2016 Jun. 09

The 10th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy Awards ceremony was held at the Zofin Palace in Prague, Czech Republic on Friday 3rd June 2016.

The morning began with an intimate press conference for the journalists, allowing them to learn more about this special 10th edition of the Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy and the projects that competed this year.

This 10th edition of the biennial competition was the biggest and most international to date, attracting 89 projects from 35 countries across the 6 awards categories.

Prior to the evening gala dinner, guests had the opportunity to view all of the competing projects, as well as Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s newest and most innovative solutions in the ‘Innovation Corners’, at the pre-awards Exhibition. Here, each contractor received a participation award in recognition of the high level of craftsmanship needed in order to reach the international level of the competition.

Over 450 guests, including contractors, architects, journalists and Saint-Gobain employees enjoyed spectacular acrobatic and pole art performances from local Czech artists throughout the ceremony. 

During the course of the ceremony 12 awards across the 6 categories were presented along with a short introduction from the Gypsum Activity International Marketing Director Sylvain Bredin and a few words from the jury members.

The award ceremony culminated with the presentation of the Grand Prix and President’s Prize. The Grand Prix, presented by Sylvain Bredin, represents the overall competition winner. The President’s Prize, awarded by Claude-Alain Tardy, is a unique discretionary award presented to a contractor whose project reflects the Saint-Gobain Gypsum Activity’s overall strategy. This year the award was given to a contractor from a fast growing market.

The projects, especially the 14 winners, showcase how our high performance plasterboard systems and plasters, combined with skilled workmanship provide solutions for high quality, safe, comfortable, modular and sustainable interiors across a wide variety of applications.

GRAND PRIX WINNER - Project: Philharmonie de Paris Contractor: Ile de France Plâtrerie Country: France

PRESIDENT’S PRIZE WINNER - Project: J. W. Marriott  Contractor: Interiors Designers Decorators PVT Ltd Country: India

PLASTER CATEGORY WINNER - Project: Gerstheim Catholic Church Contractor: Werey & Stenger Country: France

PLASTER CATEGORY RUNNER-UP - Project: The Whitworth Art Gallery  Contractor: CW Solutions Ltd  Country: United Kingdom

PLASTERBOARD CATEGORY WINNER -  Project: Louis Vuitton Foundation  Contractor: Isolation 2000 Country: France

PLASTERBOARD CATEGORY RUNNER-UP - Project: Kempinski Hotel  Contractor: Maxim for Real Estate Investments Country: Egypt

COMMERCIAL CATEGORY WINNER - Project: H’ugo’s Restaurant Bar Lounge  Contractor: Heinrich Schmid GmbH & Co. KG Country: Germany

COMMERCIAL CATEGORY RUNNER-UP - Project: Raiffeisen Multi- Purpose Center Raaba  Contractor: Lieb Bau Weiz GmbH & Co KG Country: Austria

INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY WINNER - Project: Theater de Stoep Contractor: Accompli Afbouw BV Country: Netherlands

INNOVATION & SUSTAINABILITY RUNNER-UP - Project: Ans Public Swimming Area   Contractor: Gestrab Country: Belgium

RESIDENTIAL CATEGORY WINNER - Project: Hochbau 21/BSC-Areal  Contractor: SA.MA Gipserei + Fassaden GmbH Country: Switzerland

RESIDENTIAL CATEGORY RUNNER-UP - Project: St John’s College Respond! Housing Contractor: Mythen Construction Ltd Country: Ireland

EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE & HOSPITALITY CATEGORY WINNER - Project: Hotel Schloss Montabaur   Contractor: G+K Trockenbau GmbH Country: Germany

EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE & HOSPITALITY CATEGORY RUNNER-UP - Project: Business Academy Aarhus Contractor: C. C. Contractor A/S Country: Denmark



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