Italian plasterboard marks its 25th anniversary

Gyproc Italy (Construction Products) recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Casola Valsenio plant, first plasterboard production line in Italy opened in 1991.

2016 Mar. 23
Gyproc Italy 25th anniversary

The plant was founded in 1983 focusing its activities, at first, on the production of gypsum-based plasters.

The plasterboard production line was then added in 1991, allowing the production of the first Italian plasterboards. Thanks to their commitment to search for innovative products, Gyproc Italy was able to adapt to the evolution of the market and the growing demand for high performance products. A good example to that was the creation of a new line of foamed products opened in Casola Valsenio in 2014 and the investment plan for the next three years, which will reopen the plaster line, closed in 2012 to face the economic downturn, in the second half of 2016.

The event was attended by Gianni Scotti, General Delegate for the Saint-Gobain Mediterranean Delegation, along with plant employees and members of the Saint-Gobain Gyproc Executive Committee, in the presence of the mayor of Casola Valsenio and the mayor of Riolo Terme, a nearby town where the raw material is extracted from the Monte Tondo quarry.

During lunch some employees were awarded for seniority or for particular merits, and the opportunity was taken to announce that Casola Valsenio plant had joined “Le Club des Millionaires”. 


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