Multi Comfort House Office Reci, Romania

The project’s purpose was to design a flag-ship two-story office building with a massive timber structure (according to the Austrian and Romanian building regulations), that follows the standards for Multi Comfort criteria. The project strategy was based on utmost ecological and long-term sustainability. The project is the first Saint-Gobain Multi Comfort Commercial building in Romania. It is not only about saving energy, it is about creating better living environments, where one of the results is saving energy. The project features individually room-controlled comfort and high-quality work environment, increased noise protection, passive construction method for insulation and airtightness, ventilation system with heat recovery, fire protection, and uses products with EPD. Timber construction, green roofs, enhanced daylight autonomy, recyclability, reduced Carbon footprint, use of geothermal energy, and optimisation of utilities costs all contribute to the sustainability of the project.

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