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Innovation and Sustainability Zagorodny Projekt

The 'Active House' was built according to a concept based on three key principles: energy saving, healthy environment and caring for nature. Architectural solutions, technologies and materials were selected to guarantee maximum effect. During development, specific weather conditions, regional characteristics, and position on the site were taken into consideration. Saint-Gobain materials were used for interior wall partitions and linings, to provide maximal thermal protection, minimizing heat loss through walling. Heat energy consumption at 30 kWh m² per year for this house, is 5 times lower than the standard for Moscow. (low-rise constructions currently no more than 150 kWh/ m² per year).

Key Achievements

Due to the success of this project, there was wide publicity and the opening ceremony was attended by high profile visitors and Russian Federation government officials.  Over six months, the project was visited by hundreds of architects, engineers, house-builders and other professionals. The results of energy consumption calculations, carried out by the Passive House Institute in cooperation with Saint-Gobain, show, that elementary discharge of heat energy for warming the Active House amounts to 38 kWh/m2per year. Total elementary discharge of crude energy for all domestic needs amounts to 110 kWh/m2 per year. These rates are 4-5 times less than the existing standard and 7-9 times less than average energy consumption. The successful cooperation between Saint-Gobain and project professionals resulted in the decision to launch the Active House 2’ project, using Saint-Gobain materials.

Key Challenges

The active House used a complex technology of shifted cross-shaped grating structure to maximize homogeneity of all walling surfaces, and avoid generation of ‘thermal bridges’. It was a costly project - however time-lapse survey and complex analysis will show how particular systems work, and how efficient and cost-effective systems are, longer term. The success of this project needed to encourage the Russian construction industry to develop in a similar direction as current European energy efficiency trends.


Building owner: Zagorodny Projekt
Architect: Alexander Leonov
Main contractor: Zagorodny Projekt
Photographer: Alexander Leonov
Saint-Gobain Team: Sergey Plotnikov, Sverchkov Andrei, Stanislav Shcheglov, Kirill Paramonov

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