Crystal Tower


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Crystal Tower is the first private office building in Romania and one of the few green buildings in Bucharest. The tower makes quite an impression, featuring a modern architectural design, including rooftop heliport, and is endowed with the latest cooling system and a double-skin glass façade. The spectacular entrance lobby has a unique image with glass finishes applied over triangular geometry of water resistant plasterboard walls and ceiling. The multi-functional building with conference rooms on the first floor, fitness facilities on 14th floor and panoramic restaurant at the 15th floor has a variety of finishes (wallpaper, glass, wooden and decorative paintings) all applied on Rigips plasterboard systems.

Key Achievements

Close liaison with architects and construction team to deliver the best solutions within budget. They met and exceeded project requirements including for acoustic performance, through collaboration with specialized acoustician and architect. The building has both an aesthetic and functional solution and was meticulously built with a high standard of craftmanship and it corresponds to green building standards.

Key Challenges

Throughout the construction process a multitude of challenges were met. The entrance lobby walls needed a support structure for Lakobel glass to be mounted on in order to achieve the designed dynamic shape. The solution had to be economically viable and time efficient in order to meet the owner demands. Beyond the aesthetic qualities, the dynamic interplay of lines and triangular shapes of walls and ceiling imagined for the entrance – also played a functional role:  creating flexibility, reflecting light and giving the impression of a larger space. Despite extensive experience with glass mounted on plasterboard walls, the main challenge was the unusual geometry that had to be respected. On the first floor a multifunctional conference room initially had to meet minimal acoustic performance requirements. After consulting a specialized acoustician the chosen solution involved a superior level of sound insulation. Lastly, the use of ecologically friendly materials was a must.


Building owner: Plaza Development SRL
Architect: Adrian Spirescu
Main contractor: AMV Group Construct SRL
Photographer: Rares Avram
Saint-Gobain Team: Dan Stanescu, Serban Seceleanu

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