Dom Omladine Youth Centre


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The main aim in reconstructing the Youth Centre was acoustic combined with a creative curved ceiling design. The space attracts visitors with a combination of Rigiton curved ceilings in yellow and Gyptone flat perforated ceilings in black. Each floor has a different shape which makes the design exceptional and modern, to reflect the expectations of young people.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully implementation of all curved and cascading forms without cracks.
  • Perfect coordination between installers and dry liners using  supervisor gantograms
  • Successful use of several  Rigips systems
  • Optimal acoustic performance
  • Successful fire protection testing by local authorities.

Key Challenges

  • A specific construction was made for the 460m2 ceiling area, making it suitable for all kind of performances.
  • Suspended ceilings were mainly installed at heights of 13m.
  • Project involving a combination of  extraordinary interior and installation reconstruction ( new  elevators , sound systems, movie projectors, heating system …)
  • Achieving  sound and speech intelligibility with a wave shaped ceiling
  • Existing artistic mosaics and sculptures had to be preserved.


Building owner: City of Belgrade
Architect: Djordje Miletic
Main contractor: Tehnoplast doo
Photographer: Dragan Babovic
Saint-Gobain Team: Aleksandar Grujic

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