Helsfyr Atrium


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The magnificent HELSFYR ATRIUM consists of two buildings, respectively 14 and 8 floors, bound together by a high and airy glass atrium. The new office 38 000 square metre office building has an unusual and interesting shape. The curvature of the two buildings reflects the dynamics of the two adjacent highways and the green of the surrounding sports facilities and the building stands out as one of Oslo’s most energy-efficient buildings (energy class B).

Key Achievements

  • Good planning, with high focus on safety, in engineering and production phases.
  • Right choice of suppliers and subcontractors important in order to succeed.
  • Impressive quality of the finished project.
  • Original plans to meet energy label D specifications. During project work energy efficient solutions were implemented making the building one of Oslo’s most energy-efficient buildings (energy label B).
  • No records of a single lost time injury with 900 workers employed on the project.

Key Challenges

  • More than 50 % of the building is not right-angled, which required accuracy.
  • The base area of the 38000 square metre wide building is only 3400 square metres. Small areas required careful planning for cranes and climbers for installers.
  •  For the 32 metre high walls of the atrium, facade climbers were mounted to install the 1000 square metres of acoustic regulating surfaces with an exact pattern adjustment.


Building owner: Fortin AS
Architect: Lund & Slaatto Arkitekter
Main contractor: AF Gruppen
Photographer: Trond Joelson
Saint-Gobain Team: Arve Ringlund, Tommy Larsen, Inger Hansen, Ole Martin Dahl

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AF Gruppen

AF GRUPPEN is one of Norway’s largest construction companies, founded in 1985. Business areas are property, building, civil engineering, environment and energy. The Building business area carries out all types of building work for private and public clients. AF has always been an independent company, with strength and ability to perform complex tasks. Their entrepreneurial spirit has been characterised by the ability and will to think differently and find better, more future-oriented ways in which to generate value. AF stands for - Addressing Future. AF is a long lasting installer of Gyproc systems. Over many years a close technical cooperation between Gyproc and AF has led to the successful development of innovative solutions for projects including numerous residential buildings, offices, hotels and schools.