Kalamper Hotel


Non-residential Monte 5

Kalamper Hotel is a four-star hotel located in Bar, town in south-eastern part of Montenegro. The building owner' attention was entirely focused on the highest possible quality and best possible result to meet the extraordinary demands of his guests. Therefore Mr. Kalamperovic worked in close cooperation with Rigips Team to find the perfect products and solutions for each area. As for the wet areas, like SPA - systems with Glasroc® H moisture resistant boards were the perfect solution. Regarding other hotel areas, very specific architectural and interior design ideas by interior designer Vladimir Gugl could only have been completed with perfectly installed drywall constructions and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Key Achievements

  • Referent building for moisture and mould resistant systems.
  • Harmony of preliminary design with applied materials.
  • Established good relationship with investor.
  • Achieved the required performance criteria whilst achieving a high level of aesthetic detail.
  • All partitions were completed according to high sound insulation standards for luxury hotel.

Key Challenges

Very specific architectural and interior design ideas were completed with perfectly installed drywall constructions achieving required performance at the same time.


Building owner: Kalamper
Architect: Archi Studio
Main contractor: Monte 5
Photographer: Sergej Zabijako
Saint-Gobain Team: Vidan Mitrović, Vladan Ilić


Monte 5

Working for years in drylining Petar established his own company Monte 5 in 2011. He successfully continue implementing drywall systems on many projects in Montenegro.