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NØRREMØLLECENTRET is an existing nursing home where 2 new terraced wings have been built. The ambition was to create a safe habitat with a homely atmosphere and a good, safe working environment for the staff. These new wings had to be designed in harmony with the existing nursing home.The project involved expansion of the existing nursing home with 17 new senior housing units, with a north and south wing. The construction is primarily designed as a lightweight building solution in steel and plasterboard, with a brick facade and big windows to bring light to all the rooms. The materials and construction method were chosen with environmental aspects in mind, to ensure minimal environmental impact or harm, now and in the future.


Jury comment

A worthy winner, as although not a landmark building, the use of lightweight systems was effective in achieving complex performance requirements for energy efficiency, acoustic and fire performance. This is truly a good example of our vision within innovative light weight building systems in a functional healthcare facility.

Jury comment

Key Achievements

All key building constructions were based on innovative lightweight building systems. The extremely high complexity required effective liaison between all parties from planning and design to installation. During construction they development of a new way to use Saint-Gobain products in combination with other products. The project had high requirements for energy efficiency, acoustic and fire performance met and it set a clear example of our vision within innovative light weight building systems.

Key Challenges

Throughout construction the contractor faced several challenges. One was building and mounting the THERMOnomic external walls together with the rafter construction, mounted for stability before installing the plasterboard systems.It was also necessary to develop a new solution for acoustic performance between the apartments and the corridor. A solution was made with the XR-system combined with reinforcing steel. The project also called for stringent acoustic performance requirements. Acoustic measurements of the stabilizing internal walls between the apartments and corridor illustrate system performance exceeds minimum requirements. Finally it was challenging to meet engineering requirements and finalise the project before new residents moved in. 


Building owner: Regional Municipality of Bornholm
Architect: SWECO Architects
Main contractor: PL. Entreprise A/S
Photographer: Anders Beier PHOTOGRAPHY
Saint-Gobain Team: Morten Bitz, Anja Soerensen

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PL. Entrerprise A/S

PL Entreprise A/S is one of the leading companies on Bornholm specialized in Project planning, Building and construction activities, with approx. 100 employees. PL Entreprise A/S is a long standing installer of Gyproc systems. Over several years a close technical cooperation between Gyproc and PL Entrepriese has led to the development of innovative solutions with which several big projects were secured.