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Shangri-la Mumbai, is a landmark, 400 room hotel project in Central Mumbai, using drywall construction systems throughout the building. Situated above a shopping mall, light weight construction was a key design criteria in all areas of the hotel, and explains the choice of drywall systems, over widely prevalent traditional masonry construction techniques. Key features of this project include the use of Gyproc drywall systems in guest rooms, the Spa area, and 9 metre high drywalls with a 2 hour fire rating in the Banqueting area.

Key Achievements

This was the largest Drywall project for Gyproc India to date (2012). There was a good relationship/cooperation within the team/Architects and they created a new solution by using FRMR boards. it was a complete solution offering using Gyproc systems (drywalls, ceilings) and the performance exceeds regulatory requirement: (fire rating wall - 2 hrs, Acoustic (STC)- 56).

Key Challenges

Drywall technology is a new concept for India and most partitions and walls are built using conventional brick and masonry. Acceptance of the concept, training the workforce and timely execution, were overcome in the process. Drywalls with 2 hour fire rating and acoustic insulation (52 STC standard) used for the first time in the banqueting area (height of > 9 metres). Banqueting area and Spa walls designed for cladding with marble, designed wood cut outs and fabric panelling.


Building owner: The Phoenix Mills Pvt Ltd
Architect: P G Patki Architects/ Interiors: Wilson & Associates-Singapore
Main contractor: Interiors Designers Pvt Ltd
Photographer: Shivaji Sawant
Saint-Gobain Team: Ashutosh Puranik

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