Tomas Bata University in Zlin

Czech Republic

Ceilings PE-Rakstav s.r.o.

Among the newly built objects of the University Education centre is the Lecture Hall with the background facilities. The Lecture Hall itself spans a large open space and features a complex, multilevel, indirectly lighted suspended ceiling. The architecture of the whole project was designed by the internationally recognised architect studio headed by Eva Jiricna. Drywall work is found in other buildings as well as in walls, suspended ceilings, fire protection and acoustic solutions. Besides standard plasterboards, other special boards were used, including HABITO®, RIGISTABIL® and GLASROC® F and RIFLEX®.

Key Achievements

  • Clean and smooth interior with product of plasterboard, designed by well-known architectural designers.
  • Creation of inspiring space for education.

Key Challenges

The design created by the renowned architect needed special care during the installation process. Most notably, the suspended multilevel ceiling shaped in concentrated ellipsoid shapes with built-in lighting systems high above the ground required special installation skills. Indirect lighting always requires careful installation with close the attention to detail. In anticipation of extensive usage by crowds of students, the designer placed great emphasis on mechanical resistance and durability of the walls. This was achieved by employing special board solutions using HABITO® and RIGISTABIL® boards. The project is already in full use and the first few months of operation have proved the qualities of the design as well as the installation work.


Building owner: Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Pavel Blazek
Architect: AI-Desing, Eva Jiricna, Petr Vágner
Main contractor: PE-Rakstav, Josef Rak
Photographer: Jan Kroupa
Saint-Gobain Team: Jana Kašparová


PE-Rakstav s.r.o.

PE-Rakstav s.r.o. was established in 1992 as a drywall systems installers.