Tunel de Oliver


Innovation and Sustainability AUDIOTEC

Here a former end-of-track tunnel was converted into a space dedicated to music (recording and rehearsal studios and a multi-purpose room). Although the project was initially designed to be carried out with heavy construction elements, finally it was completely built using plasterboard systems. A metallic substructure was used to support the air conditioning installation and the metallic structure for the different plasterboard systems. The main challenge of this project was to define systems for the different rooms in order to obtain the required reverberation times. To achieve this, a predictive programme was used in which Placo Gyptone plasterboard was introduced as an acoustic corrector for partitions and ceilings, according on the requirements of each room. The selected Placo systems helped ensure the final “in situ” measurements met the requirement for reverberation time values.

Key Achievements

This tunnel space, with very specific characteristics, originally used for a different purpose, was successfully adapted to a completely different use such as boxes for music rehearsals where acoustic insulation plays a major role. This project developed through acoustic engineering, clearly highlighted the technical and acoustic benefits offered by Placo drywall systems.

Key Challenges

Initially there were problems to collect the material for the accesses due to the singularity of the station (old train tunnel). The preparation of substructures to support the weight of the systems and acoustic doors as the work progressed.


Building owner: Concejalía de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Architect: Belén Gimeno
Main contractor: AUDIOTEC
Photographer: Efe22 Estudio de fotografía
Saint-Gobain Team: Technical department and marketing department

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