Yugoslav Film Archive Museum


Plaster Arhi.pro

The Yugoslav Film Archive Museum was refurbished in an eclectic mixture of renaissance style, with elements of romanticism. The original design dates from the 19th Century. The lobbies, as well as the ceremonial hall, were fully renovated with extensive decorative plasterwork. Three floors were renovated in a modern style and connected with the galleries. Walls and ceilings were manually plastered with Rigips skimming material. The restoration and reproduction of the decorative plasterwork elements, was successfully performed, based on images of the original 200 year old models.


Jury comment

"The intricate plaster work restoration recreated the original features of the building. The ceremonial hall, in particular, is a great example of how old historic buildings can blend with new modern features."

Jury comment

Key Achievements

In addition to the highly complex plastering and decorative plasterwork, the contractor successfully combined several Rigips systems for this project: fire protection, sound insulation and absorption systems, dry lining systems etc. Perfect aesthetic results were achieved even on damaged and deformed old walls. The decorative work was effectively restored to its former glory.

Key Challenges

The contractor faced the challenging task of restoring the building’s cultural and historical features while also maintaining a more modern appeal. The key challenge was to reconstruct the ceremonial hall decorative plasterwork according to the original design, based only on archive photos dating from 1911 while having to plaster on old deformed walls.


Building owner: Yugoslav Film Archive Museum
Architect: Pavle Vasev
Main contractor: Arhi.pro
Photographer: Rade Kovac
Saint-Gobain Team: Aleksandar Grujic

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