Zug Armory Transformation


Plasterboard Dämmtech. Nottwil GmbH

This stone building in the old town of Zug dates from the end of the 19th century and is listed as a historic monument. It was reduced to its basic structure before extensive dry walling work was done on all four levels. It now contains the civil and high court of the Canton of Zug as well as the city library. Both the owner and the architect decided on plasterboard systems, because they were best suited to spare the historic building's substance (as opposed to concrete or steel), to balance construction irregularities and at the same time to meet the extraordinarly high demands concerning building physics.


Jury comment

The judges were very impressed by the excellent collaboration between all project parties and the flow of information and know-how coupled with consistent use of plasterboard systems throughout the building to meet or exceed the demanding performance requirements of the project.

Jury comment

Key Achievements

There was excellent collaboration of all participants and flow of information and know-how and careful and adequate planning and implementation of plasterboard systems. The use of plasterboard systems throughout the building was consistent and there was exemplary matching of the features of the various products and systems. All requirments concerning noise control were either met or exceeded and the project stayed within the given budget.

Key Challenges

Dealing with this historic, protected building required meticulous conception and planning, as well as close collaboration and exchange of information between all participants. Additionally, fire and noise protection standards are especially high in the Canton of Zug. Thus, the extensive integration of technical infrastructure such as thick ventilation pipes, filters, sprinklers, fire detectors, cooling tubes, plus the substructure for the drylining into the existing environment posed a real challenge. At the end, every single application of plasterboard systems was checked for fire and noise protection quality and all vital transitions were measured and verified.


Building owner: Baudirektion des Kantons Zug, Hochbauamt
Architect: Graf Stampfli Jenni Architekten AG
Main contractor: Dämmtech.Nottwil GmbH
Photographer: Guido Baselgia
Saint-Gobain Team: Marcel Koller, Patrick Vogel

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Dämmtech. Nottwil GmbH

Founded in 1999 by the brothers Markus and Thomas Amrein, Dämmtech.Nottwil still is a family-owned and led company. With their 40 highly qualified employees, they specialise in dry walling, plaster work and fire protection for private as well as public building projects. Among their references they list renowned buildings such as the Zurich City Hall, Zurich University Hospital, Basel Children’s Hospital, Credit Suisse in Zurich and the School of the Canton of Obwalden.