Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I see all the projects photos ?

You can access all the projects nomited for a trophy in the Trophy section, and, from there, choose a category or a geography to browse throught the projects. Or you can go to the Showcase section to browse throught all the projects.

Where can I receive more information on products & systems used?

View the technical project file or contact our local subsidiary in your country.

What is the prize for the winners of the competition ?

Go to each trophy's page to see the prizes : Berlin 2014 London 2012 Amsterdam 2010

How can I enter the competition ?

You think your project is an interesting one? Unfortunately, the nomination process is closed for the 2014 edition. The next competition will occur in 2016. If you want to compete, connect to the site at fall 2015 and follow the instructions. If you want to see the competiting projects, please go to the trophy page.