According to the OECD, the average number of hours worked on an annual basis is approximately 1,750. Ensuring that this time is spent in a productive and pleasant place of business is an imperative for companies if they wish to retain their best people and be successful. The standard of the built environment in the retail sector will also have an impact on consumers’ shopping habits.

A Productive Business Space

It is well known that a company’s best asset is its people and, consequently, that any improvements in their work performance is ultimately to its benefit.

With the prevalence of open plan offices in particular, good acoustics maximises employee job satisfaction, retention and performance. Statistics show that within a good acoustical workplace environment, stress and the corresponding symptoms are reduced by 27% and that speech distraction is lessened by 51%. Moreover, there is evidence of improvements in the accuracy of work and the ability to focus on tasks by 10% and 48% respectively.


A Healthy Business Space

Stringent health and safety regulations put the onus on employers to guarantee good indoor air quality for workers. Our innovative Activ’AirⓇ technology minimises the threat of those volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are habitually found in the workplace atmosphere. This results in cleaner air and healthier working conditions.

A Robust Business Space

Office and retail spaces typically experience high volumes of traffic, with areas such as entrances, hallways and stairways susceptible to intense use and abuse. Saint-Gobain’s innovative drywall linings are guaranteed to last a lifetime.  

A Secure Business Space

Wherever there is a large mass of people gathered under the one roof, the threat of fire is of serious concern.

Our gypsum-based dry lining and ceiling solutions ensure that the best possible fire protection measures are inbuilt into the structure of your building, helping to contain and prevent the spread of fire and damage to its structure and occupants.

A Professional Business Space

Someone coming into a business premises will naturally be influenced by his or her first impression of the aesthetic environment.

From the lighting design and decorative elements to the feeling of well divided space, Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s interior solutions fulfill the highest standards for long-lasting aesthetics and create spaces where professionals can be inspired.  

Meeting room

A Sustainable Business Space

Businesses these days are far more conscientious when it comes to their responsibilities towards the environment.

They know that their people and premises can leave an indelible mark on it if they are not careful. At Saint-Gobain Gyproc, we pride ourselves in striving to be the reference point in sustainable habitats by creating all of our products and conducting all of our activities with sustainability at their core. We are only too happy to partner with you in establishing business spaces which meet the highest possible standards of sustainability.

Good acoustics, lighting design and indoor air quality are all important contributors to comfort levels. To meet these needs, be it from the midst of an open plan office or busy shopping mall, Saint-Gobain Gyproc offers a wide range of high performance drywall, ceiling and floor products and systems aimed at providing complete comfort for occupants in all types of commercial settings. Furthermore, our solutions save you time and money over the course of your construction project.

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