Leisure and Hospitality

Hotels today are often multifunctional, comprising space for offices, conferences, spas, restaurants and nightclubs as well as for guest accommodation. They produce inherently noisy environments and must cope with a variety of acoustic challenges, such as containing sound from equipment and controlling reverberation in conference rooms, so that people can talk and be heard clearly.

A Restful Leisure Space

Whether a person is travelling for business or pleasure, a sound night’s sleep is crucial to his or her  well-being.

Outside of home, the quality and hours of sleep are reduced and guests can be woken by the slightest sound. Noise can originate from outside the building, while modern accessories such as flat-panel TVs and mp3 players create inter-room challenges. Sleep disturbance typically results in irritability and disrupted routine, and can even affect guests’ ability to concentrate when operating a vehicle or machinery – with potentially serious consequences.

Our acoustic solutions contribute to guest privacy and productive sleep patterns, while our absorptive product surfaces help to optimize speech intelligibility and reduce noise build-up in public spaces.

A Sanitary Leisure Space

Maintenance and day-to-day cleaning activities alongside cleaning products, carpeting, engineered wood furniture and treated fabrics can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air within hotel, meeting and banqueting facilities. These compounds can circulate throughout indoor spaces and may contribute to poor air quality and guest discomfort. Specifying and installing ceilings and plasterboards with technology to reduce these harmful elements is an effective strategy to combat this.

A Pleasing Leisure Space

Hotels and hospitality facilities are prone to considerable wear and tear due to the sheer volume of guest traffic, meetings, luggage, carts and large cleaning equipment.

Walls become damaged from repeated impact and abuse, which can negatively affect the aesthetics of a place and increase maintenance costs. Our robust systems offer a lower maintenance and repair option that can increase the lifetime of walls, extending maintenance cycles and providing more aesthetically pleasing spaces.  

A Protected Leisure Space

The break-out and spread of fire is an understandable worry for guests of any hotel or leisure facility.

At Saint-Gobain Gyproc, we only supply approved fire safe buildings through our innovative drywall and ceiling products and systems. Given the humid environments of certain spaces, such as modern swimming pools, our solutions are also designed with high moisture tolerance in mind.

An Inspiring Leisure Space

Today’s visitors don’t just expect a solid sleep and relaxing atmosphere; they are also seeking sophisticated surroundings. Our extensive range of plaster and drywall finishing products are conducive to creating elaborate and aesthetically pleasing interiors.    ​

A Sustainable Leisure Space

The health of both the people and the environment connected to a building is influenced by all of its component parts and processes, such as its structural design and raw materials.

Our interior building products and systems have one thing in common - they all originate from gypsum and can be recycled forever due to this raw material’s unique property. We hope that you will open your doors to our sustainable interior solutions when it comes to constructing your ideal hospitality and leisure facilities. ​

Saint-Gobain Gyproc prides itself on its high performance building materials that soften the harsh noises of the outside world, support indoor air quality, and stand up to high-volume traffic to improve the overall guest experience. Also, we are able to create exceptional buildings that surpass the highest global standards in areas like acoustics, fire safety and durability, and that are built faster and more efficiently within tight cost constraints.

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