Research shows that people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Homeowners today are more discerning than ever and expect high standards of performance from their residences. Saint-Gobain Gyproc offers the industry’s most innovative interior wall, floor and ceiling products and systems to build better, inspiring homes which exceed these demanding requirements and ensure that well-being is at the heart of every habitat.

A Healthy Home

Given the significant periods inhabitants spend in the home and the fact that they are acutely aware of the importance of a healthier living space, improving the quality of the indoor environment is paramount. Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s patented wall and ceiling technologies can actively enhance indoor air quality by absorbing harmful compounds and by resisting mould, moisture, water and humidity.

A Quiet Home

With the increasing prevalence of open plan concepts, media rooms and centrally located laundry facilities, today’s home designs can generate a large degree of noise.

Our acoustic solutions allow you to have a home with these highly sought-after features without compromising on the comfort and quality aspects of sound.

A Safe Home

A home is the one place where everyone should feel most safe and secure.

Our gypsum-based solutions for walls, partitions and ceilings provide outstanding fire protection and resistance due to the unique behaviour of this raw material in fire situations.   

A Home for Life

Our range of wall and surface solutions are designed to withstand the everyday impacts which active spaces within busy homes are invariably exposed to.

They increase the durability of walls in high traffic areas, like entrances, halls, landings and utility rooms, to ensure that they will see you through a lifetime of wear and tear.   

An Inspiring Home

Irrespective of the style of home, be it a high-rise apartment or single-family house, the demands on today’s residences are constantly changing.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s innovative drywall systems create beautiful spaces that can support the installation of the heaviest of pictures, TVs and other decorative items and accessories which turn a house into a home.

Furthermore, the appetite for aesthetically pleasing surroundings, characterised by open, bright, light spaces with fine, glossy coatings, is satisfied through our building plasters for traditional block work as well as drywall finishing solutions, which yield outstanding quality in the levelness and smoothness of surfaces.

A Sustainable Home

The current generation of homeowners is more informed about the impact which a habitat can have on the environment, a fact which homebuilders need to take heed of.

The design of our interior building products and systems is driven by a strong desire for sustainability. Not only does gypsum, our key raw material, possess the naturally occurring property of infinite recyclability, but it has inherent fire resistance and humidity controlling attributes. It allows us to fulfil our aspirations of  improving not only the well-being of our buildings’ inhabitants but that of the environment too. 

At Saint-Gobain Gyproc, we pride ourselves on our innovative solutions which greatly improve the indoor environment in all types of residences through better thermal control, acoustics, aesthetics, and air quality. Our products and systems have been proven to save you time and money, while our experienced people on the ground in each of our country markets guarantee that everything goes exactly according to plan during each part of construction. 

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