Log House "Lodice", Kamenice

The owner of this family house located in a small town of Kamenice near Prague is an enthusiastic yachtsman. The homeowner told the architect he wanted the house to resemble a yacht and be environmentally friendly. It is a passive standard, diffusion open timber log cabin. It is probably the first and only passive house in the CZ with circular windows. There are more unusual architectural and technical elements such as the number and slope of parts of the roof, the shape of the suspended ceilings, and the insulation material and heat recuperation. The architect drafted the shape of the house during the first session with the owner. The first idea was then developed into the unusual and individual environmentally friendly design. This state of the art wood “cabin” which resembles a yacht is a refined technologically-loaded family residence. The interior uses up-to date and shaped dry-wall systems, as can be seen by looking at the wave-like ceiling above the staircase and in the private gym.

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