In 1894 the Carmelitas Sacred Heart School in Vitoria was founded with an innovative character since its inception. The proposed remodelling addressed two floors, intervening in the music and rehearsal rooms, as well as dining room, kitchen, teacher offices and visiting room. One of the main difficulties of the work has been the short execution times. One of the main interventions has been focused on guaranteeing a correct acoustic condition of the rooms, by installing Gyptone® Activ'Air® sound-absorbing ceilings, in addition to obtaining the acoustic insulation between enclosures required by systems with Placo® Phonique plasterboard complemented with the use Rigidur® for the sole areas. To respect the aesthetics of the building, in the area of the windows it was necessary to use a 6 mm BA Placo® Plasterboard for high radii of curvature.

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