Dorfkrug Hanstedt

In 2006 a devastating fire destroyed the "Dorfkrug", one of the largest half-timbered houses in northern Germany, which was operated as a public house since 1730 in Hanstedt. Some attempts took place to reconstruct this unique building but quickly came to a standstill. A new investor was finally found and the refurbishment started in 2018 with the aim to restore the building's original character. In close cooperation with Rigips, the contractor Heide - Aktiv - Trockenbau developed complex dry construction concepts with several special solutions like e.g. a self-supporting fire protection ceiling which let to major cost savings. Within the Dorfkrug's 3.400 sqm 22 high-quality apartments, a bakery store and an underground car park were built with modern appliances in a vintage style by using wooden beams from other old houses. The result is amazing as it combines harmonically the historical half-timbered charm with contemporary finishing elements.

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