Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future is one of the most innovative buildings in the world in terms of design, engineering, and construction. It consists of an 11-storey torus-shaped building located in Dubai. Inspired from feng shui, its form represents the earth and the limitless imagination of the sky with a void in the middle symbolizing the unknown. The museum aims to become an incubator for innovation and invention instead of a repository of artifacts. Its facade will also combine engineering, art, and poetry as it displays glass windows in the form of poems and quotes from H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid in a beautifully crafted Arabic calligraphy. Considered one of the most complex architectural projects in the world, the Museum of the Future is a symbol of architecture that pushes back the boundaries with more efficient materials. Also an example of sustainable building, it will have the LEED Platinum status which is the highest level of LEED certification.

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