Economic Savings

Still hesitating between drywall systems or more traditional techniques? Discover the various advantages Gyproc can bring to you.

Drywall vs Bricks & Blocks

When it comes to choosing between modern construction methods using drywall systems and traditional materials such as bricks and concrete blocks, there are five key project drivers to consider.

The details and importance of each depends on the type of project:

  • Capex – the total capital cost of a project including land, construction and landscaping;
  • Opex – the operational cost of a building including what it costs to run, maintain and refurbish it;
  • Quality – the delivery of a building that meets both aesthetical and functional needs;
  • Sustainability – the environmental credentials of a building; and
  • Programme – the time taken to construct a building and hand it over to the client for occupation and use.

Tried & Tested

Drywall systems have proven themselves to be the leader in each of these categories:

  • Drywall technology is only 10% of the weight of blocks per metre squared of wall, which can lead to savings of 1% to 4% of the total project cost;
  • Drywall systems perform the same as masonry systems but are between 30% and 40% thinner, while also maximising floor areas and energy efficiency;
  • Drywall technology is capable of delivering the highest levels of sound insulation, acoustic control, indoor air quality, fire protection, moisture resistance, robust design, and superior aesthetics required in the most demanding of buildings;
  • Drywall systems are entirely sustainable as they are made from a raw material, gypsum, which is infinitely recyclable; and  
  • Depending on the type of building, it can be between 20% and 50% faster to construct walls using drywall technology compared to traditional materials. Quicker installation means earlier handover, occupation and, in time, return on investment.   

See the full details about drywall advantages compared to traditional methods and read about two real-life project analyses (of costs and time) conducted by Gleeds and Meinhardt consultants.

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