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Whether you are an architect, contractor, project manager, distributor or end user, we understand how crucial it is that the interior building product or system you select represents the best possible solution for the space you wish to create.


Elegant Acoustic Gypsum Ceilings

Details matters. Aesthetics and performance are delivered by intelligent design and careful craftsmanship. Saint-Gobain Gypsum suspended ceilings (concealed and lay-in grid systems) combine decades of expertise in delivering high-quality products such as Gyptone®, Rigitone® boards with excellent sound absorption, that also help improve indoor air quality, to create unique designed patterned ceilings, and products such as Gyprex®, Casoprano® ceiling tiles that are easy to install.

Gypsum ceiling systems are suitable for most building categories, including housing, non-residential (commercial, healthcare, educational, hospitals, leisure facilities…) in both new-build and refurbishment.

Ceilings & Floors Gyproc

Finishing Products

The Finishing Touches

Integral to all of Saint-Gobain’s high performance systems is our extensive portfolio of finishing products. Our vast range of finishing solutions provide all that is needed to complete the wall lining, partition, floor or ceiling system, regardless of the size and complexity of the project specification.

Manufactured for internal application onto a wide choice of surfaces, there is a Gyproc finishing solution for every application, from traditional hand-applied skim plastering to machine applied projection.

Structural Steel Encasements

Structures of Steel

Within the construction industry, fire safety is a top priority. Passive fire protection is a vital component of any fire safety strategy because it safeguards people’s lives and limits the financial impact of damage to buildings and their contents. The protection of the superstructure from fire is especially important as once its integrity is compromised the stability of the whole building will be at risk.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s steel encasement systems provide up to 180 minutes of fire protection to structural steel columns and 120 minutes to structural steel beams and joists.


Dividing & Conquering Spaces

Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s wide range of innovative, efficient, sustainable and light-weight partition and wall systems covers most applications, from simple space divisions to high performance walls.

Our systems are predominantly non-loadbearing and are constructed using modern, dry lining techniques. Our metal framed partitions and walls can be used in all types of new and existing buildings, including residential (private or social housing in houses or apartment blocks) and commercial properties as well as healthcare, educational, hospitality and leisure facilities. Our partition and wall systems are designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, durability and structural requirements.


Superior Interior Surfaces

Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s innovative wall, floor and ceiling lining systems provide high quality internal surfaces. They cover most applications ranging from basic internal linings that enable the surface to be decorated, to high performance internal linings that meet the tight demands of a modern building’s interior environment.

Our lining systems cater for a variety of wall, floor and ceiling constructions, including metal or wooden frame and traditional masonry walls. They can be fully or partially independent of the structure or can simply be bonded directly to a wall surface using a gypsum adhesive.

These systems can be used in all types of buildings and are equally suited to both new-build or refurbishment works. Their innate properties will help you to meet thermal and sound insulation, fire protection, and impact resistance requirements.