Sound Insulation

Noise can bring discomfort in many different situations. We offer a variety of insulation solutions which will bring calm back into your space.

Sound Dynamics

Sound insulation is the reduction of sound as it passes through an element of built structure, which can be a partition, wall, ceiling or floor.

The passage of sound into one room of a building from a sound source located in another room or outside the building is termed ''sound transmission".

Sound either passes directly through a partition as airborne sound or around the partition by means of flanking paths. Flanking can be via connecting air paths such as ductwork or stud and ceiling joist cavities. For good sound insulation, a partition must be capable of blocking airborne sound and the construction must contain no gaps or leaks which sound can use to travel around the partition.

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noise pollution

Noise Pollution

Today’s lifestyles are subject to ever increasing levels of undesirable noise; it is omnipresent in our daily lives irrespective of location.

At the very least it is a nuisance, whilst scientific studies have proved that exposure to chronic noise levels can cause deficits in attention, auditory discrimination, speech perception, memory levels, reading ability and test performance in children.

As a serious issue, and one of the most common environmental problems, it presents a real challenge for architects, engineers, acoustic consultants and homebuilders when it comes to creating quieter buildings.

Noise Solution

This is the reason why Saint-Gobain Gyproc has developed a wide range of solutions to integrate sound insulation into most building types.

These products and systems are specifically designed to decrease unwanted noise from external sources, such as traffic or neighbours, as well as internally, from one room or area to another in the same building, by significantly reducing sound transmission. No matter how busy a building may be, our sound solutions can inhibit noise disturbances so that different inhabitants of the same or adjoining premises can carry out their tasks within a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Whether you are building homes, offices, or facilities for education, healthcare or leisure, upgrading to Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s acoustic solutions for your new or renovated building is a wise long-term investment.

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