Adora Diamond Garden


Non-residential Ritam Trejd

The Diamond Garden by Adora project is exclusive residential-commercial ten -storey building which is situated at an attractive urban location in Skopje with a total surface area of 12.600 m². Especially attractive are the apartments on the corners of the building, with a structural glass façade, which with its green glass fences on the terraces and the glass detailing on the roof gives a special architectural ornamentation and a strong identifiable signature to this edifice. The Adora’s Diamond Garden has also won the eighth National award from the Ministry of Economy for a long-term project for the introduction and development of green, energy-efficient homes. Similar like Adora Flatiron Saint-Gobain reference project, with the installation of the high performance acoustic system solution of the Saint-Gobain materials-this project has again achieved the sound isolation criteria significantly above the standards which again raised the interest for the Gypsum Trophy 2020.

Key Achievements

  • Great support from the Rigips Hungary team Excellent cooperation between our partners Ritam Trejd and the investor Adora Inzenering Innovative acoustic solution Rigips® Blue Acoustic system

Key Challenges

Innovation- raising the construction standards to an advanced level with high acoustic comfort
The laboratory measurement with the Saint-Gobain materials before the start of the project which showed reduction index of R' - R'w = 55 dB
The acoustic comfort measurement after the installation of Saint-Gobain materials which showed reduction index of R' - R'w = 53 dB


Building owner: Vanco Cifliganec
Architect: Nina Strezoska
Main contractor: Antonio Cvetkovski
Photographer: Nikola Kumev
Saint-Gobain Team: Dimce TrendafilovNada Dobrevska


Ritam Trejd

Ritam Trejd DOO Skopje is founded in 2009 as a partner company with B+M Ritam Belgrade operates as a part of the Austrian Group Baustoff+Metall Gruppe Vienna, Austria, an international company with presence in 15 European countries. International presence with the regional partner proves the constant high-level approach towards the clients in its offer of the products as well as in the high level of construction performance of installation of materials in projects.