City Voice Club


Non-residential LLC "City Engineering"

City Voice Club - these are two separate, independent from each other halls, built according to unique acoustic projects, with Gyproc Aku-line® materials. Professional sound of the Meyer Sound class, professional lighting, stage, karaoke systems from the leaders of the industry "AST" and "EVOLUTION"! Unique interior design, many art objects and designer furniture! Professional ART Team!

Key Achievements

  • Super high acoustic class

Key Challenges

Increased requirements for soundproofing rooms from each other, as well as neighboring rooms. Perfect indoor acoustics.


Building owner: City Voice
Architect: Acoustic Group (Alexander Boganik)
Main contractor: City Engineering
Photographer: Yulia Nochevina
Saint-Gobain Team: Alexander KiselevAlexander AnoshinMaxim Kolbyshev


LLC "City Engineering"

Multifunctional engineering company for project design, installation & building