Football Stadium MOL Aréna


Non-residential AVA-stav, s.r.o.

The city football stadium was built in 1953 and on June 7, 1954, the home team played their first game against the Budapest. After completion of the construction work in June 2018, the MOL Arena is only the third stadium in Slovakia to comply with the UEFA regulations for the fourth category of football stadiums. This means that it can host both international and representative meetings of all ages. After the opening of the new grandstand, the stadium can accommodate a total of 13 000 people (including 175 in the Press sector). The new premises offer above-standard equipment for all visitors. Ten standard (Business) and three large (Royal) Skyboxes as well as all categories of VIP seats offer maximum experience thanks to comfortable heated seats.

Key Achievements

  • Great cooperation within the Rigips team (project, technical and sales departments)
  • Strong architect with good relationship with investor
  • Owner was interested in value added products and performance solutions
  • First big project with Habito®TM plasterboards in Slovakia

Key Challenges

The project had multiple key performance requirements:
Moisture resistance in shower facilities.
Fire resistance of escape routes and overall fire safety of the whole building.
Damage and impact resistance of the warm-up areas.

Whole reconstruction was made in 11 months thanks to dry construction.


Building owner: Oszkár Világi
Architect: Ing. Arch. Csaba Ambrus
Main contractor: Alexander Gyurkovics
Photographer: Ing. Arch. Csaba Ambrus
Saint-Gobain Team: Ing. Juraj Jurkovič, Ing. Marek Jurák, Dušan Vraniak, Ing. Mário Juščík, Ing. Juraj Mlynarčík


AVA-stav, s.r.o.

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