Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere


Ceilings Thanner GmbH

Directly behind Vienna’s new central station, the newly built five-star hotel scores with its location at one of the city’s main transport hubs. More than 300 rooms, a convention centre with a floor area of around 2 200 m² and a ballroom of almost 700 m² are housed in the two buildings, which are around 60 metres high.

Key Achievements

  • Very detailed execution plan for the architect’s design
  • Material delivery in very short timeslot
  • Invention of a new solution Good relationship/cooperation within the team

Key Challenges

- 504 individual design elements
- Barrel-shaped half-shells
- Each shell was suspended and can be lowered for maintenance work
- Individual lightning elements
- Strict demand on the quality of the surface because of the indirect LED lighting in the corridor area


Building owner: Hotel am Belvedere GmbH & Co KG
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop & NMPB Architekten
Main contractor: Thanner GMBH
Photographer: Daniel Thanner
Saint-Gobain Team: Jürgen Pfaffenberger


Thanner GmbH

Founded in 1987, the Vösendorf-based company, which has been managed by Daniel Thanner since 2008, now employs around 30 people all year round. Due to seasonal factors, the team sometimes increases up to a total of 80 employees. Flexibility, perfection and individuality characterise the philosophy of Thanner GmbH. The focus of the company is on drywall construction, while its competence in the areas of sound insulation, fire protection and special solutions deserves special attention. In drywall construction, no soaking building materials such as concrete or plaster are required for the construction of the components, which results in considerable time and cost savings in the interior design and thus also for the entire construction project.