Laboratorios DCOOP


Ceilings Decoraciones Valleniza, S.L.

Conditioning of the space for new DCOOP company laboratories. The main bulk of the operations carried out in the building are performed in a wide and multifunctional room whose suspended ceiling is designed combining Gyptone® Big Curve systems in the central space, which allows the creation of curved volumes and a continuous image with Rigitone® systems along the perimeter of the room. These two ceiling systems, in addition to contributing to correct the reverberation time of space and providing a pure and clean aesthetic, allow to improve remarkably indoor air quality thanks to Activ’Air® formaldehyde-reducing technology presents in both solutions.

Key Achievements

  • Sophisticated design based on value added systems.
  • Perfect ceiling finishing thru a correct jointing process.
  • Light finishing according to the architect criteria.
  • Pure and clean aesthetic in natural environment with acoustic and indoor air quality performances.

Key Challenges

Adjusted timming for finishing the project
Fixing of Gyptone® boards to a curve structure at a high level.
Combination of aesthetic finishing of both solutions: Gyptone® Big Curve and Rigitone®
Light installation based on the ceiling shapes defined.
Large windows offering natural daylight and demanding an excellent ceiling finishing
The best solutions to provide a good acoustic comfort and air quality atmosphere in the main room of the laboratories, with an estimated capacity for 1400 people.


Building owner: Dcoop S.Coop.And
Main contractor: Iván Cabello López y Alfredo Delgado Herrera
Photographer: Antonio Leao
Saint-Gobain Team: Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica:- Sales representative: Jesús del Castillo- Ceilings product manager: Cristian MarcosMkt&XCoommunications Dept.


Decoraciones Valleniza, S.L.

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