Maison H., Saive


Residential CAP Paracheve Line

While typical Frisomat steel constructions are mostly found in industrial buildings, the client chose this architectural style for their private home. Although this is an unusual building, it was integrated into the green hilly surroundings in the Belgian Ardennes. These gorgeous surroundings were recently mirrored in the interior of the home: not only does a floor-to-ceiling window in the residential part provide a superb view of the surroundings, the curved Gyproc applications create a relaxing framework that, continues the rolling hills outside

Key Achievements

Despite the great incidence of light and reflection on the white walls, a high-quality finish was achieved to the great satisfaction of the architect and client. A living environment was achieved that ‘fits.’ When you get beyond the industrial character of the exterior, the smart but homely effect is pleasantly surprising

Key Challenges

As the home was already occupied, strict planning was demanded in order to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants. This was helped by the fact that the contractor controlled the entire construction. However, it was a challenge: not only did the curved Vertebra ceilings have to meticulously follow the steel purlins but the company was responsible for incorporating and finishing the windows, for incorporating the lighting and for the paintwork.


Building owner: M. & Ms. H.
Architect: ir.-arch. Daniel Dethier
Main contractor: CAP Paracheve Line sprl
Photographer: M. Serge Brison & Ann Cornelis (SG)
Saint-Gobain Team: M. Michel Lambert (Project Manager)

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Number of collaborators: 5 Specialties: total concepts: light weight, systems, acoustical & thermal insulation, carpenting, painting. Founded: 2004 Contact: