Marsan Residence, Valladolid


Residential Audiotec Ingeniería Acústica

The Coca Building (Marsan resistence) is a high-specification residential building in the centre of the city of Valladolid. Not only has attention been paid to the quality of its finishes, but it is also the first building in Castilla-León to receive the Q+ Sound Quality certificate. This was issued after the work performed in the design and construction phases passed the control and monitoring audits. Gaining this distinction was made possible by using SICAE. This is the comprehensive rating system for sound certification in buildings which the Audiotec Acoustic Technology Centre validates and implements.


Jury comment

“A strong collaboration between the parties resulted in a residential project with improved sound and thermal quality while providing Optimization of space."

Jury comment

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship/cooperation within the team
  •  Design of a new solution: Metalphonique, high acoustic protection solutions in minimum thickness.
  •  Performance beyond regulatory requirement: HQ+ SICAE (Integral System of Acoustic Certification of Buildings)
  •  Using computational tools and innovative design in the field of acoustics.
  •  Exhaustive execution control.

Key Challenges

The challenge was to create solutions for the building which considerably improves sound and thermal quality without having a huge impact on the final construction cost in terms of materials, labor and time frame, and which manages to maximize optimization of space with the most effective solutions possible. The use of Metalphonique acoustic studs in combination with Placo Phonique was extremely important.

Collaboration, monitoring, control and final validation resulted in a building with added value and high specifications:

 Cost of conventional construction and minimum performance difference: +0.33%

 Saving in construction time: 23%

 Saving on usable space compared with the same technical results with conventional construction: +50%.


Building owner: Edificios Marsan
Architect: Tag 21
Main contractor: Audiotec Ingeniería Acustica
Photographer: Álvaro Sanroman
Saint-Gobain Team: Sales & MKT Team Placo España

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Audiotec Ingeniería Acústica

A business group specialised for over thirty years in researching, developing and implementing innovative solutions in the sound engineering sector. As the leading sound engineering and control company in Spain, with a growing presence in Europe, they provide our customers with technologically advanced products and services which solve their noise and vibration problems in construction, industry and environmental sectors. They have our own methodology at Audiotec, SICAE (Comprehensive System for Sound Certification in Buildings), which ensures the quality of our sound conditioning works throughout the entire building process. The final sound certification takes place at the end of the project with onsite checks and tests accredited by the entity ENAC.