Mercadante theatre, Bari


Plaster Coger S.r.l.

The Mercadante theatre was inaugurated on September 17, 1895 to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the birth of the local musician and composer Francesco Saverio Mercadante. After a long period of closure and decay the Consorzio Teatro Mercadante reached an agreement with local sponsors and awarded the restoration and renovation project to SMN – G.L. Sylos Labini & Partners. The project entailed the restoration of the historic theater features, the reconstruction of its interior décor and the complete reinstatement of its facilities for artists and the public, including improving the technical infrastructure and fully complying with current safety regulations. The main part of the project is a new annex building which provides new and modern facilities for offices, dressing rooms, back-stage studios and utility rooms.

Key Achievements

  • Perfect matching between natural plasters used for restoration and the architecture and décor of the historical structure
  • Use of high performance plasters and finishings that are easy to apply
  • Choice of materials and finishings based on restoration criteria

Key Challenges

The approach adopted was based on two criteria: conservation – the maintenance or restoration of the original areas and their functions, including the reinstatement of original materials and construction techniques; and the functional renovation – aiming to provide the building with modern standards of safety and technical facilities with features that integrate the existing infrastructure by following the original design.

The plaster used for walls, ceilings and theatre boxes was UnicoVic, a new product in the EcoVic line, based on gypsum and natural hydraulic lime NHL class 5, which guarantees ease of application, durability and innovation.

UnicoVic is a high performance product that combines the advantages of plaster (no shrinkage, mechanical strength, thermal insulation and resistance even when applied in high thickness) with environmentally sustainable features and breathability of natural hydraulic lime.


Building owner: Teatro Mercadante S.r.l.
Architect: SMN Studio di Architettura – G.L. Sylos Labini & Partners
Main contractor: Ing. Antonio Resta e C. srl, Bari
Photographer: Lorenzo Bartoli
Saint-Gobain Team: Luigi Sinesi (Key Project Advisor), Giuseppe Sciannimanico (Commercial Advisor)


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