Nena Hotel, Istanbul


Non-residential Maybe Contracting

Nena Hotel is located in a highly touristic region, Sultanahmet. The original building is an old residential building from the 1950s. Mainly, it is transformed to become an appealing hotel. The hotel is a small boutique hotel, and has an area of 1500 m². The interior walls of the building were completely removed, and the structural system was reinforced. Plasterboard wall systems were chosen for the partitions. In a country where traditional brick partition walls are popular, it was still difficult to persuade clients to use plasterboard systems. The client wanted a "solid" wall which felt as safe as a brick walls when touched and knocked, so the solution was to use 3 layers of plasterboard.

Key Achievements

  • Thin walls that prevent area loss, and at the same time they must meet and exceed performance requirements according to national regulations.
  • One of the first three layer plasterboard applications country wide.
  • Simple, effective and economic solution for fast and easy application.
  • Cooperation between the Rigips team and contractor, fast detail solutions at every phase.
  • Three layers of plasterboard provided the solid wall to satisfy the traditional brick wall perception.

Key Challenges

The walls had to be thin but “solid” when touched and knocked. Since it was a transformation project, the existing area had to be used carefully and effectively. They had to provide a minimum of 60 minutes of fire resistance, according to the standards. As it is a hotelthe acoustic insulation was critical. The budget was limited. 


Building owner: Abdurrahman Nenem
Architect: Bend Architects
Main contractor: Maybe Contracting
Photographer: Emincan Alemdaroğlu
Saint-Gobain Team: Kubilay Büyüklü (Technical Marketing Manager-Architect), Nurdan Altınkılınç (Technical Marketing-Civil Engineer), Elif Dilan Bilgilier (Technical Marketing Architect)


Maybe Contracting

Maybe Contracting is a company specialized in drylining, finishing, and rough construction work. Maybe Contracting’s focus markets are commercial buildings, residential buildings, administrative buildings and small scale renovations. Maybe Contracting was founded in 2011. They worked with Rigips for the first time on this project and they have managed to successfully finish this challenging job.