Niemeyer Centre


Plasterboard AISVENOR

This arts centre was designed by Oscar Niemeyer for holding a variety of artistic and cultural events including exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance, cinema or catering activities. It stands on the right bank of the Avilés Estuary, in Asturias. Curves, slopes and great heights in partitions and ceilings stand out in this work. For the installer, these were the main challenges during the execution of the project. To achieve optimum acoustic performance, the Placo Rigiton ceiling were chosen as the solution in some rooms due to its sound-insulating properties and continuous aesthetic finish.


Jury comment

The judges were impressed by the way the plasterboard systems were used to form the many shapes necessary to complete the design. This coupled with the high performance in terms of acoustics management, insulation, thermal and fire criteria, make this a very impressive project.

Jury comment

Key Achievements

The main goal was to achieve a good finish in the implementation of different shapes and volumes of the project such as the metal substructure especially designed by the constructor for the dome. We achieved optimum acoustic performance (Rigiton 12/25 αW 0,55.) and the site was finalized on time despite specific requirements.

Key Challenges

It was challenging to install curves, slopes and great heights in partitions and ceilings. In the dome, it was necessary to achieve thermal and acoustic insulation, and acoustic conditioning and the envelope of the dome required a specific solution to install the board. Fire protection for the concrete structure was necessary. The project had a short time frame of 2 months.


Building owner: Principado de Asturias
Architect: Oscar Niemeyer
Main contractor: SEDES, SA
Photographer: Antonio Merediz
Saint-Gobain Team: José Carlos Santos

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