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The Olympic Village in Innsbruck represents the habitat concept in an impressive way: the building designed according to passive-house standards, was built to accommodate 1600 athletes at the Youth Olympic Games 2012 held in the capital city of the Austrian federal state of Tyrol. The project was planned with foresight, with the aim of subsequent reuse as non-profit housing for 444 families and assisted living for senior citizens; the complex includes a police station as well as a percent-for-art programme.

Key Achievements

Rigips products act in this project as combining elements between massive and timber construction. Thus the interior construction was performed using plasterboard; gypsum fibreboard was used for the façade elements. The percent-for-art measures were also executed in plasterboard.

Key Challenges

This project was implemented within a brief planning and construction period to meet an unalterable deadline (start of the Youth Olympic Games in January 2012). The mixed construction technology of the two sections of the complex (timber construction/massive construction), both designed according to passive-house standards, required precise coordination by the drywall builder. The passive-house standard is aligned to the highest requirements on the weather-tightness of the building. Special attention was therefore paid to the perfect workmanlike execution of the drywall constructions.


Building owner: Neue Heimat Tirol
Architect: Peter Reiter Architekten ZT GmbH, Reitter Architekten ZT GesmbH, eck.architektur, Architekturwerkstatt din a4 GmbH
Main contractor: Graup Gips-Bau
Photographer: Studio 22, Christof Lackner
Saint-Gobain Team: Günther Plattner

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