Quai aux Vivres


Residential Audis

Continuing its development of tourism and thermalism, Rochefort has recently seen its former food market refurbished to become a holiday resort with private apartments. This 17th century building built by Le Vau is classified as a Historic Monument. This building, full of history, preserved its layout and its inner courtyard, its walls of course, cut stones, as well as vaulted cellars.

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship/cooperation within the team. Better insulation performances than the recommendations. Site management. To achieve a high standard apartments the contactor had to be very focus on precise finishing

Key Challenges

For the acoustic : prescription of solutions to insure comfort of inhabitants. The collective lodgings recommends a 53 dB between 2 apartments. Here we are beyond the regulatory requirement of acoustic insulation with 66 dB (with a SAA 160). Thermal : efficient insulation of rampant in a traditional frame/structure thanks to a Isoconfort range and in the wall with ISOVER GR range. Site management : from 20 to 30 people on site. Delivery of 30 trucks (70000 m² of plasterboards) in order to respect the cadences imposed by project manager.


Building owner: Eiffage Construction Poitou-Charentes
Architect: Eiffage Construction Poitou-Charentes
Main contractor: Audis
Photographer: Yann Werdefroy
Saint-Gobain Team: Sylvain Danlos



Founded in 1984, Audis is specialised in plasterboard but also carpentry, for example staircase. They are 40 collaborators in the company.