Plasterboard AISLOSA

This project concerns the renovation of the Chapel in the Santa Teresa residence of Jornet de Logroño de las Hermanitas de los Ancianos. The development of the project involved the realisation of direct actions in partition walls and ceilings, the latter being particularly difficult due to the design in large geometric volumes simulating scales, solved by BA13 plasterboard, which were also used to hide part of the illumination of the stay. On the other hand, PlacoFlam® and PlacoMarine® plasterboard were used in those places where it was necessary to solve sectorisation requirements against fires and resistance to humidity. The final result is a welcoming space, full of light and joy that reflects the spirit of this congregation founded in 1873.

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship with the architect in order to define the ceilings shapes criteria.
  • Study of the performance to support the crucifix located in the plasterboard lining wall.
  • Good relationship with the other works involved in the project (Electricity and air cooling).
  • Light finishing according to the architect criteria.

Key Challenges

Ceiling design with sharp edges.
Work at height to finish the ceiling form defined on the project.
Light installation based on the ceiling shapes defined.
Structure covering with excellent finishing.
Excellent finishing based on the existing direct light.


Building owner: JOSE LUIS ALVAREZ
Main contractor: AISLOSA, S.L.
Photographer: Antonio Leao



Aislosa is a company with a long history, since it was founded more than 25 years ago. It currently has 16 workers, but this number has varied depending on the workload and the number of projects. They are specialists in the installation of plasterboard, for both new construction and reform and rehabilitation. They work in the north of Spain, focusing on La Rioja, Navarra and Aragón.