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The St. Mary & St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Church, a 2,973 m² single-story place of worship in Markham, Ontario Canada. The building’s intended use and challenging design required a high level of dry wall craftsmanship and skill to achieve the ambitious interior space this church demands. The project required the highest quality drywall finishes to the church's domes and high ceiling with severe, critical lighting due to massive windows.

Key Achievements

  • Level 5 interior wall/ceiling finish due to extreme lighting

  • CertainTeed® Extreme Abuse Plasterboard with No-Coat® high performance corners were selected to ensure strong, durable walls while eliminating contractor call-backs


  • Successful contractor conversion to CertainTeed® product


Key Challenges

Place of worship required bright, immense and inspiring interior space
Large windows offering natural daylight demanded Level 5 plasterboard finishes
Busy space with lots of visitors create high traffic in lobbies and hallways where walls and corners can sustain damage


Building owner: St. Mary & St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Church
Architect: Not Applicable (handled by the church)
Main contractor: Doug Smith
Photographer: St. Mary & St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Church
Saint-Gobain Team: Kelly GrahamTerritory ManagerCertainTeed Gypsum Canada


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