Tabea Krankenhaus


Non-residential Trockenbau Schönberger UG

A complete new floor with exclusive rooms for private patients was added to the Tabea hospital in the heart of Hamburg. Trockenbau Schönberger was responsible for the complete interior work. Various elaborate and technically complex fire protection systems were designed, coordinated with architects and fire experts and later realised with Glasroc® F. An extraordinary challenge was to find a shaft-wall solution for the expansion joint between the existing building and the extension which could provide for unexpected building movements and at the same time meet the fire protection requirement of F90. With extraordinary technical craftsmanship and the use of Rigips® high performance products, Trockenbau Schönberger created a perfect environment that meets the requirements of modern everyday hospital life.

Key Achievements

  • All fire protection and sound insulation requirements were met and the building owner was very pleased with the result
  • Use of very high-quality and innovative Rigips products e.g. Habito®, Glasroc® X, Rigips® Die Weiße, Aquabead®
  • A wide variety of problems were solved technically on the building site in close cooperation with all parties
  • A very intensive support by the Rigips sales representative was given

Key Challenges

To execute this project a very close cooperation of all parties involved was necessary.
A special challenge was the realisation of all specifications and requirements regarding statics, fire protection, sound insulation and design elements. Various individual details and special solutions had to be developed and approved by the city of Hamburg.
For example the connection of the new floor to the existing building was very complicated and many problems were solved on the building site in close cooperation with all parties. Due to unexpected building movements (expansion joint) a special structural solution had to be found.


Building owner: Krankenhaus Tabea GmbH & Co. KG
Architect: Wagenknecht Architekten
Main contractor: Trockenbau Schönberger UG
Photographer: Dennis Pietrzyk
Saint-Gobain Team: Dennis Pietrzyk


Trockenbau Schönberger UG

Trockenbau Schönberger is a family business with high quality standards. Marcel Schönberger, the founder of this business is a trained construction mechanic and has many years of experience as a drywall fitter. For 14 years they have been specialists in acoustic and drywall construction with their team of craftsmen, fitters and technical draughtsmen. All of them are passionate craftsmen and professional service providers. The company is known for high quality, creative and technically modern realizations.