Villa Saint-Ange


Plaster La Stafferie Denie

A 5* mansion on 750 m2 located in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, The Villa Saint-Ange is an ancient master house. It is inspired by second Empire rules. In order to maintain the refinement of its luxury standard, the architect Henri Paret went for the incorporation of delicate plaster decoration. The contractor created all of the plaster trappings for the walls and ceilings. That give to this hotel an elegant luminous aspect.

Key Achievements

  • The contractor knew how to create a trusting environment, which allowed him to propose many different work approaches and decoration styles. This project is a true goldmining work
  • The contractor made this project an eco-friendly building: 25 tons of Molda® duo (about 2% waste), plaster recycling.

Key Challenges

To give to an ancient master house, a new elegant aspect : 2500 m² - 38 rooms, a restaurant, entrance… Work asking for an important softness, because of high curved ceilings (4 m). Over than 30 patterns, decorations, prepared in workshop and bonded on site. Work conducted between workshop and site overviewed by the owner.


Building owner: SAS Saint Ange
Architect: Henri Paret
Main contractor: La Stafferie Denie
Photographer: Yann Werdefroy
Saint-Gobain Team: Luis Caetano


La Stafferie Denie

Denie la Stafferie, a specialist in fibrous plasterworks, with regard to the technical ambitions of the works. It is worth mentioning that Denie la Stafferie is a customer of Saint-Gobain Formula, and a new member of the Club entreprises Placo® since 2017.