Wilhelminian Building


Residential Freyer Bauunternehmen GmbH

This Wilhelminian style building, originally built in the 19th century and partially destroyed during WW2, was completely refurbished using dry-lining methods in order to create luxurious, new, residential flats. The most striking part is the addition of another floor in the place of the formerly empty attic. All flats were built according to the highest energy saving and sound absorption standards by using various Rigips dry-wall constructions with high-end plasterboard tiles. The greatest challenge was the dry-lining of the small towers with their height of 8 metres. It took a great deal of time to take the exact measurements and to install the substructure and the plasterboard tiles with the utmost accuracy. The implementation of the required light concept was a huge challenge too and in order to meet the rigorous project standards the final surface coating was realized with VARIO joint filler and ProMix Finish according to the highest standard (Q4).

Key Achievements

  • Unusual drywall construction with pointed gable
  • Perfect Q4 surfaces and edges (highest German standard)
  • Installation of ventilation, heating and cooling was hidden behind the suspended ceilings in narrow ceiling and wall spaces
  • Implementation of a striking illumination concept
  • Newly constructed attic floor had to be absolutely air- and windtight

Key Challenges

  • The realization of perfect surfaces and edges had priority in all rooms. The unusual drywall construction such as the pointed gable with a height of up to eight metres was one of the key challenges.
  • There is virtually no standard construction to be found in it- heights, designs and shapes vary in all areas of the new flats.
  • The greatest challenge was the lining of the small towers with their height of 8 metres for which a special scaffold had to be built. In particular, the installation of the substructure in all areas and corners was extremely difficult. It took a great deal of time to take the exact measurements in the implementation of the required light concept, one of the main characteristics with light being one of the dominating elements in this project. The challenge was to combine a maximal use of natural daylight with unusual forms like the light tower.
  • The final surface coating had to be in Q4 quality in order to meet the rigorous project standards.


Building owner: CMIB GmbH & Co Fünfte Verwaltungs KG
Architect: Mr. Dipl.-Architekt Peter Kaufmann
Main contractor: Freyer Bauunternehmen GmbH
Photographer: Lars Trojan
Saint-Gobain Team: Mr. Lars Trojan


Freyer Bauunternehmen GmbH

The contractor Freyer Bauunternehmung GmbH was founded in 1994 by Mr. Freyer († 2007) and today's owner Mrs. Freyer and manager Mr. Thomas Marsch. The company has developed from the since 1990 active proficient "Freyer Bausanierung" and "Inte-Roba Fassadenbau". They offer complete new building and renovation services to their customers. Already in the preparation phase of construction, the building owner first consults with the engineer-technical staff of the company. The turnkey construction already belongs to the range of proposals the company offers. Today, private building owners as well as clients of public authorities or industrial companies belong to their customers. The most complex or different plans are planned, examined and realised independent of the order volume very conscientiously and competently. By their flexibility and versatility the contractor is able to position itself to meet demanding construction works and renovation works, and to distinguish itself as a reliable partner to the building owner.