What are the Trophies?

One of the world’s biggest gypsum industry event to Award the premiere drylining projects

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International Trophy

Every two years since 1998, contractors from around the globe submit their most innovative Drywall systems projects in The Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy. From its origins in Paris to today, the Trophy honors those craftsmen who use our solutions in sustainability, comfort, safety, aesthetics, and modularity to build a better world.

Participating contractors have accomplished impossible feats by combining their savoir-faire with world-class materials to create high performance solutions. Some built on existing historical structures, while others created something completely new. Some projects took the power of over a thousand collaborators while others were done by one alone. These creators showed their boundless creativity and should be proud of the work they’ve done.  

Why Participate?

This unique international event is a major opportunity for peer recognition as well as inspiring greatness among the international interior building community. Only the best national projects are selected for this international competition. A participating installer has necessaraly proved:

  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Innovation and a solution driven mind
  • Deadlines and client - provider cooperation

The Trophy is a world class competition gathering the most talented and skilled gypsum installers. Competitors will also benefit from: 

  • A global exposure
  • Peer regognition 
  • Media coverage
  • The promotion of Gyspum solutions and craftmanship
  • Inspiring projects and learn from international peers

And finally, The International Trophy is fun, full of surprises and prestigious event that one cannot miss - join one of the world’s biggest gypsum industry event! 

What are the basic conditions?

Any plasterboard or plastering contractor or professional specialising in the traditional craft of plastering or plasterboard installation systems may enter the competition.

Entry is free of charge. Entrants must first participate in their national selection round.

The following eligibility conditions apply for the international competition, and entries must meet all listed criteria:

  • Projects may not have been entered in a previous International Trophy competition.
  • Projects should have started after the previous International Trophy campaign.
  • Projects must have reached practical completion and be in all other respects complete by the provided deadline. Projects which are not completed before this date will not be considered.
  • Projects must run using Saint-Gobain products and systems.
  • Project may qualify in only one category.
  • All project materials and details must be provided within announced deadlines, including the appropriate authorisation and consent to allow international and external communications by the Saint-Gobain Group and partners (website, press releases, trophy book, etc.)
  • Authorisation must be obtained from the entire project team (building owner, architect, contractor, photographer and image copyrights)
  • To ensure that all entries meet the competition requirements allowing for a fair competition, scoring is based on a defined set of Judging Criteria established for each awards category.
  • During the judging process, which takes place according to a defined set of judging criteria, the jury will elect winners. The jury decision is final and cannot be disputed.

National trophies

Every other year, between each International event, Saint-Gobain Gypsum local companies organise their own national drywall event to select national projects for global competition. Each country defines the conditions for participation in their local national trophy. This includes award categories, entry deadlines, eligibility, rules, etc. and may vary slightly from country to country. National Trophy winners are automatically eligible for the international competition. The local Saint-Gobain Gypsum company facilitates entry into the International Trophy Competition by submitting the required materials.

Further details may be obtained by contacting participating countries.