5 brands, 1 history

100 years of History and 5 strong local brands

Distinct Brands, Shared History

The story behind the gypsum activity of Saint-Gobain began almost 100 years ago, when British Plaster Board (BPB) Limited opened the first plasterboard plant in the United Kingdom. With increasing demand for fast construction techniques during World War II and with the acquisition of its large rival, Gyproc Products Limited, BPB grew quickly in the UK and soon started to set its sights abroad.

It invested in South Africa first, followed by Europe, where it purchased Placoplatre, pioneer of the plasterboard in France since 1947. The company continued its expansion in North America - with the acquisition of CertainTeed - and the Nordic countries. In 1987, BPB bought Rigips, a well-known brand in Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, and proceeded with acquisitions in Scandinavia and Belgium, until Saint-Gobain took over BPB in 2005.

History Gyproc

Saint-Gobain Gyproc regional brands

Since then, Saint-Gobain Group has continuously been expanding and exploring new territories, to become the successful global business that it is today.

The Group maintains five distinct regional brands (Gyproc, Placo®, Rigips, British Gypsum and CertainTeed) to service local needs. Gyproc is the brand used in the majority of countries and the one that is promoted in new markets. It is also the brand referred to in relation to the gypsum and ceilings activity of Saint-Gobain.